Perro de fuego logo design
Perro de fuego es una marca elaborada por Jesús Ríos que cuenta con más de 20 años de trayectoria artesanal.
Guardia Nacional MX rebranding
Proyecto de propuesta para re-branding de la Guardia Nacional mexicana.
Noches de museos branding
A brand for a night series of unprecedent events brought to you by Universidad de Colima.
Enamel pin designs
A monster, a traveling dream and other magical beings. Compilation of various pin designed from 2017-2019.
Mexican ceramic dog plant pot
In 2016 a team of local designers: Mr. Chuck and Bloque, in a collaboration and flash of concern, started from pencil and paper, the process to bring this project to life. 
Design college ads and information
Visual communication system -
Universidad de Colima Rebranding
This is a rebranding proposal to take the Universidad de Colima to the 20th century, maintaining its foundations but solving its problems of readability.
The Student Gazette
The student gazette is a project that emphasizes the security and promotion of the UN so that students empathize with the general knowledge of the qualities and quantities that this assembly has.
Branding: Feria del Mezcal Colima
Arqueólogos han descubierto que en Colima se hacía vino mezcal desde hace tres mil años. Sin fines de lucro y con la cooperación del INAH, la Universidad de Colima y muchísimos patrocinadores y participantes.
Logos pt. 01
Logotypes from all my proyects.
Logos pt. 02
2013-2014 Logos for different brands.
En Búsqueda de Protección: Journalism
In Mexico Journalism is one of the most danger careers, Pursuit of protection is a guide wrote by Propuesta Cívica an ONG that defend the defenders of Human Rights & Journalists.
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