Project rebranding Universidad de Colima

The institution was founded on September 16, 1940. The Universidad de Colima as a social, public and autonomous organization has as its mission: to contribute to the transformation of society through the comprehensive training of professionals. It has schools in the 10 municipalities of the state of Colima, Mexico. And every year more than five thousand students enter the institution.

It is based on three pillars that are: Study, fight and work which are represented on your shield. But it was after 1960 that he had the image of the eagle that we know today, an eagle with open wings, the head in profile, and the body formed by two Swiss shields, one inside the other.

What we did?

We create a modernized look, corrected in its forms, adaptable to its applications and respecting the essence of the original logo of the Institution. Inspired by the original lines but undergoing readability tests and promising to adapt to modern digital and printed applications.

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